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Bio: Jeff Pettit a Senior Certified TIQM Consultant with Information Impact International, and President of One Truth Enterprise LLC based in Portland, Oregon.  Prior to starting his company in 2008, Mr. Pettit had been involved with information systems development and implementations at Intel for more than twenty-eight years.  He developed one of two shop floor control systems for Intel; created Intel’s current enterprise data warehouse initiative, started Intel’s Information Quality initiative. Mr. Pettit led initiatives within Intel Corporation that improved the ability to make better decisions through better information. He is a leader of change through business, information, architectural and technical paradigms.


Why Consider One Truth Enterprise to help your company succeed?

I would like to help your company make better decisions through better information.

I am not offering you software or an off the shelf solution to information problems.  I am offering you many years of experience of improving the ability to make decision with your information. Companies that treat their information as an asset are leading the charge in this millennium.  It is the currency of the Information age we live in now. The companies that treat their information as a unique and key asset to the success will win in the end.

I do believe that tools that improve information or aid in the analysis and decision process are necessary but insufficient.

Many times companies are promised a silver bullet to their business problems through, for example, enterprise resources planning or customer resource management solutions, but still struggle to meet their business goals.

Hidden at the core of their problems is a lack of disciplines, methods, and processes, to manage a very profitable key asset of the company. Their information.

I can help your company not only through establishing a fundamental method to continuously improve the quality of your decisions with information (TIQM®), but more specifically help in establishing and driving core top down strategies to manage your information. This is many times a challenge to not only change mind sets one subject area at a time, but also to enlighten the company on the enormous percentage of their operating cost that is lost due to poor data.  The quality of the data sets the foundation for the return on any information system investment.

Quality never happened by accident.  Products that are known for quality have quality designed in.  The quality of your company’s information asset (think product) is dependent on the quality of you cross-organization, enterprise solution for that information.  I can help your company establish that enterprise design and at the same time shows you how to build it one step at a time.
Whether you are developing you own transactional or decisions support solutions, or working within the constraints of one or more off the shelf solutions, you don’t know the real problems without measuring it.  I can help to establish sustainable measurements of your data and continuous improvement methods that will pin point the true root issues underlying your struggles with information.

Finally I want to let you know that poor information is nothing more than a symptom of a poor process.

  I can help you get to the root issues that will in both the short and long term give you a good return on your investment.
Jeff Pettit



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