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I have twenty nine years of experience in driving change with a large company.  I can help your company drive initiatives at a corporate level to improve decision-making through better information solutions.   I am a Certified TIQM ® consultant that can not only help you establish an environment of continuous improvement of your Information, but can also assist in any level of planning or execution in any of the following areas:

TIQM ® Total Information Quality Management consulting.

  • Help you implement a Information Quality environment, through education, awareness, program design.
  • Assess and help to improve data definitions and information architecture
  • Measure information quality and identify information quality problems
  • Assess and help to improve data cleansing processes
  • Measure the costs of poor information quality
  • Assess and help to improve information governance and management techniques
  • Identify information quality problem root causes and plans to eliminate the problem

Information Strategy & Execution:  Help you connect between your company’s success and information

  • Working with your company’s mission and objectives to develop an information strategy that enables your company’s success.  The strategy would entail a unified blueprint for capturing, integrating, processing and presenting information in an accurate, consistent and timely matter that met or exceeding you company’s mission.
  •  Consultative services on a roadmap for execution of your information strategy. The roadmaps would include long and short term milestones designed to help move your company forward in the information age.
  • Alignment of  business systems implementations, and your information strategy
  • Senior Management Education: Custom presentations for educating, coaching and enlisting that executive’s organizational connection to key information and the company’s success.

Master Data Management and Governance

  • Design quality in with a Business Driven Data Specification and Blueprints for your companies key master data entities and business rules
  • Develop Governing Models for master data that include compliance to the standards, funding and planning models, data roles, and master data decisions making processes
  • Selection of Master Data Management tools

Enterprise Data Warehouse Design

  • Conceptual, Logical and Physical database designs
  • Transactional (normalized) and/or Business Intelligence data designs (dimensional)
  • Selection of Enterprise Data Wares tools (DBMS, ETL, OLAP,ROLAP, BI)

Information Architecture

  • Assess and improve your company’s enterprise  Information  Architecture
  • Identify and improve specific Information value and cost chains
  • Assess the quality  Conceptual, Logical and Physical database designs
  • Assess the quality your company's meta data

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)

  • Catalyst for Information Quality improvements
  • I have implemented 4 major ERP over a 25 year span.  I can over consulting on the approaches, migrations, and paradigms

Supply Chain Data Integration

  •  SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) and VCOR Value Chain Operation Reference Expertise
  • Supply Chain Data Integration
  • Supply Chain Information Quality

Advance Planning & Decision Support Systems

  • Expertise in Advance Planning Systems (APS)

Program and Project Management

  • 29 years of experienced in Program and Project Management
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